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Psychiatric News: Psychotherapy Threatened Despite Cost-Effectiveness

July 3, 2013

The American Psychiatric Association has heard at it’s 2013 annual meeting, in San Francisco, that many insurance companies are cutting funding for psychotherapy despite the fact that numerous studies have shown that psychotherapy is, "effective and often highly cost-effective medical intervention for many serious psychiatric conditions.”

Susan Lazar, M.D., was speaking at a symposium titled “Psychotherapy: Expanse, Education, and Efficacy and has recently co-written a book with another psychiatrist on the cost benefit case for psychotherapy – Why Psychotherapy is Worth It?: A Comprehensive Review of the Cost-effectiveness.

As reported in Psychiatric News Lazar sent on to say “[psychotherapy] is at times the first-line and most important treatment and at other times augments the efficacy of psychotropic medication. The patients who are most in need of more prolonged and intensive psychotherapy are those with personality disorders and those with chronic complex psychiatric conditions, often including severe anxiety and depression. These patients, if inadequately treated, are extremely costly to society in increased medical and emergency services, disability, and, for certain groups, destructive and antisocial behavior. Certain children and adolescents with learning disabilities and those with severe psychiatric disorders also require more than brief treatment."


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