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Slate: An exhibition of photographs of New York therapist’s offices

May 28, 2013

Saul Robbins has been taking photographs of New York therapist’s offices for an exhibition:

Robbins first took a photograph of his own therapist’s office, partly as a way to connect his experiences in that relationship with the environment in which the therapy was conducted.
“I found the environment was really emblematic of the lack of connectivity I felt with him, that there was a banality to the space … there was a not-so-special chair … and I was considering the relationship and the work we were doing and my frustration with it, and I thought, ‘How does this guy’s space look like him?’ ” Robbins said.
From there, Robbins received referrals about other offices he could photograph from family and friends. He said he didn’t want to feel rushed, and let the project take a more natural feel in relation to time.
“There was no need to work on anything quickly,” Robbins said. “There’s a lot to be said about taking out time and really thinking about stuff, slowing down, closing the portfolio and doing something else for a while, looking at other things and then opening it back up and reconsidering.”


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