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Daly Mail: Austerity policy is severely affecting mental health in the UK. US and EU

May 1, 2013

The political response to the economic depression is leading to surging rates of depression and other mental illness:

Austerity is devastating the health of people in Europe and North America by driving suicide, depression, and the spread of infectious disease, according to new research.
It is also reducing access to medicines and care which is further affecting people’s health, the study suggests.
The authors, Oxford University political economist Dr David Stuckler and Dr Sanjay Basu, an assistant professor of medicine and an epidemiologist at Stanford University, said their findings show austerity is seriously bad for health.
In a book to be published this week, the researchers say that more than 10,000 suicides and up to a million cases of depression have been diagnosed during what they call the ‘Great Recession’ and its accompanying austerity across Europe and North America.


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