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Telegraph: Jack Straw talks about being in pyschoanalysis for years

September 28, 2012

The Telegraph has an interview with Jack Straw (the labour Prime Minister we should have had) in which he is candid about his internal life and mentions his experience of analytic work over many years:

He had also bottled up emotions from a childhood in which he witnessed his father attempting suicide and his parents’ marriage disintegrating. In 1976 he had also suffered the loss of a newborn baby daughter, Rachel, by his first wife Anthea.
The MP writes: “Suddenly, everything came to a head. Since that day when I decided emotions were best buried, I’d had no clear idea how to work through my feelings. I fell into a serious depression, accompanied by terrible nightmares.”
The mother of Alice, his second wife, suggested seeing a psychoanalyst.
“A man in Islington was recommended. Although at first I was highly resistant to the idea of anyone prying into my mind, I began going twice a week.
“It worked for me. Though the frequency with which I saw him tailed off after ten years, I continue to see him occasionally.


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