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NHS managers continue their war on psychodynamic therapies

February 17, 2012

Across the NHS under the guise of cost-efficiency NHS managers and senior medical staff (who should know better) are mounting a campaign against psychotherapy services based on a psychodynamic model. It seems that the bureaucratic mandarins, aided and abetted by a recidivist 5th column of mental health health professionals want to reduce the choice of treatment available to people suffering from mental health problems (that is 1 in 3 of us) to either medication or treatments based on suggestion (CBT, MBT).

While CBT and MBT may be appropriate for some patients, they are not effective in many cases. For many deep seated mental health problems the psychodynamic models (from psychoanalysis through to attachment theory) offer the only viable tratement option. This has increasingly been confirmed by multiple scientific studies over the past three years.

Several psychotherapy units have been closed country-wide int he past two years and in Waltham Forest another world-renowned unit is figithing for it’s life in order to save an NHS trust a piddling £430 000 per year.


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