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Another meta-study demonstrates that talking therapy is as effective as medication in treating depression

March 24, 2011

There have been a number of meta-studies recently demonstrating that talking therapies are as efffective, and more, than anti-depressants. This study is different in that it focuses on studies comparing SSRIs to talking therapies:

Psychotherapy can be as effective for the treatment of depression as the most recent generation of antidepressant medications, a new meta-analysis from researchers at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul and Dartmouth College in New Hampshire has found.

But the psychotherapy treatment has to be “bona fide” — that is, conducted by qualified therapists using well-validated methods of face-to-face therapy, the study also found.

In fact, in the long term, bona fide psychotherapy may provide better results than medication, said the study’s lead author, Metro State assistant psychology professor Glen Spielmans. “But only by a small margin,” he added.


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