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The Dead Mother – Depressed moms respond less to baby’s cries

February 24, 2011

A recent study comparing brain scans of depressed and non-depressed mothers has shown some interesting results:

Brain scans of mothers suffering from depression reveal they respond differently than healthy moms to their crying babies,
a new study finds.

The brain activity patterns of depressed moms were muted compared with the robust activity seen in the brains of nondepressed moms, the researchers said.

The study found that when responding to the sound of their own babies’ cries, the brains of nondepressed mothers showed activity in several brain regions — including the brain’s lateral paralimbic areas, striatum, thalamus and midbrain — whereas depressed mothers did not show such responses.

One of this reasons that this is interesting is that it corroborates the observations and work of Andre Green when he wrote about the Dead Mother.


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