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SAP – Saturday 6 November – Transference Theoretical and Clinical Debates in the 21st Century – Jan Wiener and Warren Colman

November 1, 2010

Jan Wiener will be talking on Saturday morning about transference at the SAP

While Jung had a natural intuitive understanding for the transference and countertransference, his lack of a coherent method and clinical technique for working with transference and his rather mercurial attitude to matters of method, have sometimes left Jungians eager to hone their knowledge in this area, floundering and confused. Drawing on contributions from both post-Jungian and psychoanalytic thinking and practice, Jan Wiener will explore some of the present-day ‘hot spots’ and debates about the centrality of transference within the analytic relationship and the clinical complexity involved when working with patients’ transference projections.

Jan Wiener is a Training Analyst for The SAP and the BAP. She works as Consultant Adult Psychotherapist at Forest House Psychotherapy Clinic and in private practice. She teaches and supervises internationally. She has published a number of papers, chapters and three books: Counselling and Psychotherapy in Primary Health Care: A Psychodynamic Approach with Mannie Sher, Supervising and Being Supervised: A Practice in Search of a Theory edited with Richard Mizen and Jenny Duckham and The Therapeutic Relationship: Transference, Countertransference and the Making of Meaning.,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01year=2010&cntnt01month=&cntnt01event_id=83&cntnt01display=event&cntnt01lang=en_GB&cntnt01returnid=106


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