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Two stories on depression – a magic shot and a dose of mania

August 20, 2010

Two different stories on depression have been ciruclating on the Internet and international media this week.

The first is that trials in Canada seem to demonstrate that patients with severe depression show rapid improvement (inside of 40 minutes) when treated with the vetinary anaesthetic (and party drug) Ketamine.

A new antidepressant being tested in Canada appears to do what no other drug can — increase connections between brain cells within hours to improve symptoms.

The finding by Yale researchers may explain how one dose of ketamine can reduce symptoms of depression within 40 minutes among the hardest-to-treat cases, and could help spur development of quick-acting antidepressants.

Prozac-like drugs and other antidepressants take at least two weeks to produce an effect, and sometimes months for a full effect.

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The second story and one that is probably more interesting for psychotherapists is that a survey int he States has show that up to 40% of people reporting severe depression also experience mild and brief episodes of mania.


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