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Mental illness if left untended can worsen physical health in later life

July 6, 2010

Two separate articles on the BBC website today make the same point. That mental health issues, if un-addressed, can make physiological conditions worse.

In an article "Depression may double dementia risk, say researchers" two recently published research paper are referenced which show that where a respondent experienced depression during the course of their lives that they are twice as likely to develop dementia in later life. Researchers specifically cautioned that their research does not show a causal link, but the statistical correlation certainly confirms a link between depression and dementia.

In the article "Heart disease patients with anxiety ‘at greater risk‘" reference is made to a study of more than 1,000 people with heart disease. Researchers noticed that those who exhibited some form of anxiety disorder were 74% more likely to experience a cardiovascular event.

A reminder that a stiff upper lip may conceal mental distress, but that doesn’t mean it won’t wear you down. The simple message is: if you are in pain, physical or mental, get it tended to.


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