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Feeling Depressed or Anxious? Screen Yourself Online

March 29, 2010

Another online test:

Depression Screening Test. This 18-item quiz, developed by Goldberg, is intended to measure symptoms of what could be depression as well as to track changes in your feelings or behavior over time. This type of screening can help differentiate depression symptoms from those of bipolar disorder (for which Goldberg developed a bipolar screening tool). A big mistake clinicians make “is not recognizing that somebody has some subtle form of bipolar disorder and [instead] treating them as if they have depression,” prescribing antidepressants as a treatment, Goldberg says. Eventually, taking the antidepressant may result in a bipolar person feeling irritable, angry, or anxious, or it could do nothing at all, he says. With this screening tool, “people can at least bring that to their family doctor or psychiatrist” for a full evaluation. A 2001 pilot study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care found that Goldberg’s depression scale was suitable for monitoring depressed patients for signs of improvement.

Like My Mood Monitor, the depression questionnaire asks you to select how often you can relate to statements such as “I do things slowly,” “the pleasure and joy has gone out of my life,” or “I feel depressed even when good things happen to me.” Answering all of the questions produces a score; 54 and above may indicate severe depression, 36 to 53 can mean moderate-severe depression, 22 to 35 may mean mild-moderate depression, 18 to 21 may indicate borderline depression, 10 to 17 may mean possible mild depression, and 0 to 9 means depression is unlikely.

[Learn what happens when depression goes untreated.]

via Feeling Depressed or Anxious? Screen Yourself Online – US News and World Report.


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