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People with autism ‘have problem with self-awareness’

December 14, 2009

Some thinking about autism suggests that some forms of the syndrome may be brought on by a diruption of the early mirroring of the infant by the caregiver.

Whether the caregiver performed the mirroring function poorly, or the infant was unable to make use of the mirroring because of congenital factors, the result is that the infant is not able to recognise its impact on the world and therefore does not develope a solid sense of self.

A research study employing brain scans of autistic adults seems to corrobrate this thinking:

Autism has long been considered a condition of extreme egocentrism.But research has shown the problem is people with the condition have trouble thinking about, and making sense of, themselves.The researchers used functional magnetic resonance scans to measure brain activity in 66 male volunteers, half of whom had been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder.

via BBC News – People with autism ‘have problem with self-awareness’.


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