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Andrew Samuels writes to The Times about Therapy regulation

December 12, 2009

Andrew Samuels SAP Analyst was recently elected to chair the UKCP running specifically on a platform to oppose regulation of the psychotherapy profession by the HPC.

While regulation in principle can bring benefit, the current government’s approach is wrong-headed; and typically they are ignoring the advice of all professional experts except those that are saying what they want to hear.

Samuels says:

Everything about the HPC is wrong for us. We are not a health profession and are very far from being a homogeneous group. The standards of entry to the HPC are incredibly low. The system of ethics and discipline is not attuned to the kind of work that we do and will deter people from making legitimate complaints because of its bureaucratic and adversarial nature. Charlatans and rogues will not be eliminated by these proposals.

Psychotherapists are not usually vocal or politically active, yet almost 3,000 have signed petitions against the HPC as their regulator. Even more have indicated taking up a position of conscientious objection.

via Therapy regulation -Times Online.


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