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How Facebook addiction is damaging your child’s brain

April 23, 2009

Perhaps this kind of article is a little alarmist, but from the quote below you can’t argue that the writer doesn’t have a point.

As a neuroscientist, I am aware of how susceptible our brains are to change  –  and our environment has changed drastically over the past decade. Most people spend at least two hours each day in front of a computer, and living this way will result in minds very different from those of past generations.

Our brains are changing in unprecedented ways. We know the human brain is exquisitely sensitive to the outside world  –  this so-called ‘plasticity’ is famously illustrated by London taxi drivers who need to remember all the streets of the city, and whose part of the brain related to memory is generally bigger than in the rest of us as a result.

via How Facebook addiction is damaging your child’s brain: A leading neuroscientist’s chilling warning | Mail Online.


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