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A letter about state regulation of psychotherapy signed by some luminaries

April 9, 2009

A letter on the worrying interference by the bungling, target obsessed Labour government into the field of psychotherapy signed by amongst others Christopher Bollas.

Under new government proposals, psychoanalysis and the talking therapies will be regulated by the state under the Health Professions Council. We wish to register our protest at this initiative. Psychotherapy is a private conversation and the proposed regulations threaten to limit the basic human right to freedom of speech. Each individual should have the freedom to choose the therapist they wish to consult, without the state dictating who is legitimate and who is not.

The new regulations – which include 451 rules for the analytic session – would make it impossible to practise psychoanalysis and many therapies in the way they have been for the last hundred years. The HPC plans a public campaign to discredit those practitioners whose own practice and ethical code would not allow them to sign up to its market-led vision of therapy and normality.

Letter: State must stay out of psychotherapy | Politics | The Guardian.


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