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Complaint over £2m mental health service

December 12, 2008

Several recent studies have show that taking therapies are best for handling depression. However, NHS patient are still not getting ready access to psychotherapy, despite a government scheme that was intended to facilitate access.

A Stoke-on-Trent GP has complained that people with clinical depression are still facing long delays despite £2.25 million being spent on mental health services in the city, it has been reported.

The project, which is being funded by Stoke’s primary care trust, promised to cut waiting lists after doctors complained they were being forced to hand out medication to patients waiting for psychological counselling, according to the Sentiel.

However, doctors in the region have said some referrals are still taking up to five months.

Baddeley Green GP Dr Keith Tattum told the news provider: “I have examples of patients waiting 17 to 20 weeks and then coming back saying they have been told by each service that the other should be the one seeing them.”

He added that this is the last thing someone with mental health problems needs and said there was a general feeling among patients that they were being fobbed off.

via Healthcare headlines – Complaint over £2m mental health service.


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