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Regulating the profession in Ireland

September 26, 2008

The pyschotherapy and counselling profession in Ireland is taking the bull by the horns when it comes to regulation. The guidelines they propose for licensing practitioners are a lot more stringent than those in place in the UK at the moment.

The short version is: 7 years training; a psychiatric placement; and up to 600 hours of supervised work. As a result practitioners will be more vetted and qualified than a dentist or a medical doctor. All that is going to require significant investment on the part of the trainee before they can start earning. All fine if insurance companies and private medical schemes are prepared to pay for their services.

Prevailing on wise counsel – The Irish Times – Tue, Sep 23, 2008.

PSYCHOTHERAPISTS AND counsellors should have a minimum of seven years’ training before being allowed to practise independently, a report presented to Government today will state.

The Psychological Therapies Forum, which represents 22 different organisations involved in psychotherapy and counselling, said those interested in qualifying for the profession need at least a primary degree and four years of training to a master’s level.

he aim is that psychotherapists and counsellors will be included in the next phase of the professions to be considered for regulation under the Health and Social Care Professional Act 2005.

The submission will go before the Health Council that is entrusted with looking at the inclusion of health and care professions to come under State regulation and registration.


The forum is seeking a registration board titled “Psychological Therapists” for counsellors and psychotherapists and has recommended baseline academic qualifications for entry to training, and baseline qualification and experience for registration.


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